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Tandem Skydive from an altitude of 10,000 ft. This includes a 20 minute scenic flight, around 45 seconds of free fall, and 5-8 minutes under canopy. Your tandem master can show you how to steer, or just sit back and enjoy the stunning 360 degree views!


Premium Picture and Video Package Featuring Digital Video and High Def Still Photography. You can expect 100-200 photos and footage throughout your whole experience.


Our videos includes a ground interview, takeoff and ascent footage, exiting the aircraft, free fall, under canopy, and exit interview.


Your choice of a full length digital video or high resolution still photography. Take home either 100-200 photos or a  video capturing your jump. Personalized photo and video options capture every moment of your experience from before you jump, to after you land.

* Please note that prices are subject to a 3% Whitefish Resort Tax. See our Info/FAQ for more information and the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy*

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